Trà means tea in Vietnamese and is also ambigram of Art.
This is where the name Trà Art came from.

The Trà Art multisensory exhibition, through mentions about the Shan Tuyet mountainous tea, portrays the wild beauty of North Vietnam nature and the spiritually rich cultures.

Within this space, I collaborated with 3D artist Marcus Bowler, to create Tinh Linh / Little Spirits, a series of 10 artworks that blend pastel paintings, 2D/3D animation and augmented reality technology together.
People were invited to download the app Zappar to their smartphones and use it to scan my drawings to reveal our hidden animation. The audience interaction was golden!

We also made a tiny little stop motion video to explain how to use the Zappar app!

The exhibition was made possible by generous support from our organizer Insitut Français, L’Espace Hanoi and our sponsors EcoLink, Minh Home, Fin Ho, and Ford.