The bizarre life cycle of the salmon. They hatch from gorgeous batches of blood orange coloured eggs, grow into small sized smolts then make their way to the big blue sea – where they mature into big, beautiful salmons. Then just like obeying an ancient command, massive schools of beasty salmons swim up, upstream back to the small silver line of clear water where they come from. They mate, and lay eggs there, the eggs just as gorgeous as the eggs they hatched from a long time ago. Most of them died right after because of sudden shortage of hormone.

The beloved Hanoian indie band Ngot wrote a song about this – whether these salmons’ struggle is worth something greater than their deaths. And by telling the story of the salmon, they raise a poignant question about the human condition.

Salmon is my graduation film from Cambridge School of Arts and also a support for my hometown’s indie musicians.

Storyboard of a sequence that did not make it to the final film