Trà-Art – Augmented Reality exhibition 2018

Trà Art is a wordplay on “trà” (Vietnamese: tea) and “art”.

Trà Art portrays the wild beauty of North Vietnam nature and our rich spiritual life through animation, drawings, comics, tea ceremony, contemporary dance, photography, and sculptures.

For my part of this exhibition, I collaborated with 3D artist Marcus Bowler to create a series of 10 artworks that corporate the technology of augmented reality.

We used Blender and Zappar Studio to create 3D contents; traditional mediums and TVPaint to create 2D contents.

Each artwork displayed in the exhibition consisted of : a Vietnamese folk poem, a pastel drawing, a Zappar code to reveal hidden animation.

The reactions from the audience were gold. At the end of the exhibition, we ended up with a total of 6784 interactions via the app, many questions and interest in the process of making the animation come to life. It was a great experience!

Below you will find 3 videos:

1. Our augmented reality animation, with phone screen real-time records

2. Trà-Art opening night footage

3. Stop-motion instructional video for using Zappar

As well as my pastel drawings.

The exhibition was made possible by generous support from our organizer Insitut Français, L’Espace Hanoi and our sponsors Ford Motor Company, EcoLink, Minh Home, Fin Ho.

Read about Trà-Art in “How AR is changing the world” by James Wright