Shawoman 2020

// 3D Character Design exercise in Gobelins

Physical model made with Plastiline

3D modeled in Blender 2.8, rigged with AdvancedSkeleton, Autodesk Maya, rendered with Arnold (turnaround) and Redshift (still frames)

// Once upon a time…

Everybody in the village looks up to Shawoman in awe and undeniable vulnerability. She is their only healer and shamaness, who has always been there for all their medical and spiritual needs. Some say she is in touch with the deceased. Others say she is a necromancer. As long as she serves them, they easily turn a blind eye on her many mysteries.

On a daily basis, Shawoman cures sickness with her knowledge of ancient herbal medicine and writes skincare tips on her blog. She has her assistant, a cute, smart little girl named Chi Linh, who is a superb forager. Shawoman passes her knowledge on to Chi Linh, and appreciate the girl’s own unpolished powerful abnormalities…

The only person who speaks up against Shawoman is the village’s oldest man. A Buddhist temple master, he detests Shawoman’s unnatural practices. Life and death are a sacred circle that is not to be interfered with. To mess with the natural way of life, to him, is an evil act beyond measurement.

What nobody knows, is that he died once a few months ago because of flu. And it was no other than Chi Linh who helped arrange the ritual, who witnessed the old master’s spirit’s resistance against Shawoman’s healing magic, trying to follow his way of life even in death.

When this old man woke up, his eyes bewildered with hatred, he swore that he will bring this wretched witch, this unholy ritual, this whole hocus pocus down. Even if he has to die and die again.