Goodbye Robin!
Gobelins graduation film. Releasing November 26.
“Sometimes, a smell, a sensation, a vision can bring back lost fragments of memories. Following a trail of light, the mind tries to find an answer.”
Character design. A shamaness who is the village healer. If there’s someone she can’t heal, she turns them into a zombie.
A Crossbreed
Pre-production project: animatic and designs. Based on a Franz Kafka novel.
Rue des Chats
Picture book. A silent conversation between a time traveler and a memory keeper.
Phố Con Mèo
Tranh truyện. Một cuộc trò chuyện lặng lẽ giữa người du hành thời gian và kẻ lưu giữ kí ức.

trà | art
Exhibition of augmented reality 2D and 3D animation.
Part of Trà Art multisensorial exhibition.
The Dream of Lord Chieu Quoc
Flipbook. Traditionally animated, digitally colored.
Gobelins 48-hour challenge short film. A man is trapped inside a bottle. Magic happens in the moment of despair.

Music video, 2015
Typical Morning
Short film, 2014.
Screened at Fête de l’Anim 2014

Short film, 2013.
Screened at Fête de l’Anim 2013
Story of Udumbara
Short film, 2016. Brand commercial. Client: Ưu Đàm Vegan Pallace
New Beginnings
Key visuals, 2017. TV commercial. Client: Coca-Cola
Year of the Monkey
Short film, 2016. TV commercial. Client: Channel K+