Goodbye Robin! is a Gobelins graduation film directed by Sophie Barocas, Emilie Damiens, Dongsan Kim, Phuong Nguyen (me!), Michelle Ong, Olga Serdyukova and Jasmine Veljanovski.
Music was done by the talented Antoine Duchêne.

a smell,
a sensation,
a vision...
can bring back lost fragments of memories.
a trail of light,
the mind tries to find
an answer.

The film is available in HD with English, French, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Russian subtitles. Enjoy!

Here is a part of my contribution to the film’s visual development:

The production of Goodbye Robin! was realized at the height of Covid-19 pandemic. Like many “Class of 2020” students in the world, we were confronted with many difficulties. It took almost a year to finish, from the beginning of September 2019 to the end of August 2020. We are very thankful for everybody who supported us, helped us, without them we could not finish the film on time.

We developed ideas for the film together from our individual perspectives on the topic of memories, nostalgia and childhood grief, as well as emotional healing and acceptance. The script was written by the team, while storyboard and animatic were mainly developed by Emilie Damiens and Michelle Ong.

Visual development was also a collective work:
Concepts: Sophie Barocas, Phuong Nguyen, Olga Serdyukova
Character design: Olga Serdyukova
FX, props design: Sophie Barocas, Phuong Nguyen, Jasmine Veljanovski
Colorscript: Sophie Barocas, Olga Serdyukova
Layouts and layout posings : Sophie Barocas, Emilie Damiens, Olga Serdyukova
Backgrounds : Sophie Barocas
Animation tests : Alejandra Guevara, Dongsan Kim, Phuong Nguyen, Michelle Ong and Olga Serdyukova
Animation : Emilie Damiens, Dongsan Kim, Phuong Nguyen, Michelle Ong, Olga Serdyukova, Jasmine Veljanovski
Assistants in clean-up, FX and coloring : Some of our friends, mainly CRFA/CAAF23-21 students, their names are listed at the end of the film.
Compositing was done by Sophie Barocas and Michelle Ong

All of my animation for the film is featured in my 2D animation reel.

You can follow Goodbye Robin! instagram to see all of the work behind the scenes, we will update it little by little.

For all distribution, please contact [email protected]