Where could Magellan go without grants from King Charles I?

Charles Darwin’s adventures and publications were funded by many. Without them, could he have become a revolutionary scientist?

In the case of Junko Tabei and the JWEE’s expedition to Mount Everest, the women worked hard to make up for whatever their funding did not suffice. That is nothing but reality.

My reality is being a post-grad student in Gobelins l’Ecole de l’Image while working part-time and freelance jobs; so I can sustain daily expense in Paris, a.k.a. a big ugly monster.

With every penny, you are helping me relieving this monster and allowing me to aim for bigger dreams.

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In return, you have my deepest gratitude and a reminder that with every work and every achievement, a part of it is because of you and that I am not alone.

Phuong Nguyen (Pipou)