Hello, xin chào, salut 😉

I am Pipou, an animation artist from Vietnam, currently living in France. I’m mostly freelancing for two studios: Picnic Studio in London, and Brunch Studio in Paris. You can say that I work for food. But even if you are not food, don’t hesitate to bring me along on your journeys!

I lived in Vietnam until I was 17, then I moved to England for 4 years, Canada for 2 more years and after that, France. During these years, I travelled around Asian and European countries. The first pay check I received was spent on a trip to Singapore to see a Metallica concert. The last place I had the opportunity to discover was Iceland and it was epic.

Since nowadays I live next to a forest, I usually spend 50% of my free time being in nature, singing, reading and painting by myself; 50% watching movies with my partner, hanging out, having friends over for D&D.

And I’m constantly having one, two or three personal projects cooking at the back.

This is my bio on UniFrance:

Never losing touch with her childhood and culture while being inspired by the fantasy and magical realism genres, Phuong explores her poetry and artistic quirks through illustration and cinema. Since 2009, she has worked as a freelance illustrator and from 2014, as a freelance animated filmmaker. By 2015, she had graduated from Cambridge School of Arts and had two self-directed films screened at Fête de l’Anim. Before Gobelins, she organized a storytelling workshop in Ladakh, starred in a BIFF-shortlisted short film and held an augmented reality exhibition with her friends at L’Institut Français à Hanoi. During her master degree, she interned at Studio La Cachette. If not making animation, she would be pursuing a career as an audiobook reader. She would be happy to socialise and explain how to pronounce her name.


I don’t know if this is getting too long. But I guess, if you are here you must be a tiny bit curious about who I am. So thank you for that and don’t hesitate to reach out just to say hi.

10 june 2022